12 May 2008

Yesterday we took the ferry over to a cafe in north Amsterdam called the Norderlicht to meet some friends of friends that have lived in Amsterdam for the past 6 years. Just after we got off the ferry, Pete gave us a brief bike tour of this huge warehouse that has been converted into an art compound - for lack of a better word. It is an old warehouse that was once squatted by artists, and has become legal. The place seemed to be evolving very quickly with a new front door going in and studios throughout the space being built. There was a skate park in the building, and we could hear the skateboarders, but we didn't have a chance to go up and check it out. We'll definitely be going back to get a better look. It was pretty amazing.

After that we had a really nice meal and a few delicious beers with Pete and Amy and their son Ferris. Addison had a great time pretending to find asteroids and kicking around in the sand. It was really nice to have some social time with other parents. The cafe was really cute, a quanset hut building with clear plastic siding. They incorporated the use of strawbale in parts of the building, and Pete explained that they have a cooling system that works like a swamp cooler with water and fans.

(the photo of Addi and Hyland in the tree is actually from a few days ago when we fietst through flavopark.)


Phil said...

Wow! just checked out the Mather blog and it looks and reads as magic! What a flat on the canal...I'm sure you will make as much an impression on the locals as you did here in the Denver. I'll keep checking up!
much DenverLuv

Rockolita said...

It looks and sounds like things are going great for you guys! Thanks for sharing all of these great experiences with us :)

I remember a skatepark in a warehouse that Andy and I went to in Amsterdam that was covered in graffiti and out of all of it, I saw Jon Hoff's tag "audio" in the middle! Maybe it's still there...the skatepark was rad.