27 July 2009

Where Does the Time Fly Away To?

So... very long time from post to post. Updates.

Summer is very pleasant here in Amsterdam. The boat rides are playing first fiddle...popular for family...and for friends.

Addison has lost so many teeth his face looks like a half eaten corn on the cob.

I had a trip to Denver for three weeks in June... was awesome. Weather was very lush for Colorado in June. The mountains were very very green. Saw old friends...and Calan and Mandy and Creedy added a new baby to their family, Purity Leigh...few pictures...

Was super stoked for Steve Beneski's beautifully organized 'Tour De Hood'. Played 4 Square, Kick Ball, Rings, and Frisbee, with intermittent bbq stops through out the neighborhood in NW Denver.

Best thing about the event was that every person rode a bicycle through out the day from location to location. In fact, I saw a huge influx of bicycle riding in general in Denver which made me feel very positive.

Still...all the new build roads do not contain bike paths...so it isn't as if infastructure has taken any hints...whoa nelly. Anyway, Denver was good.
Summer for Malia and Addison and I has been a summer of bicycle rides with Addison getting longer and trickier rides through the city under his belt. We continue to discover new and beautiful landmarks, parks, and pass times. Right on the edge of central amsterdam and just to the west of center is WesterPark The park is fairly huge and filled with pockets of very neat cafe's, play grounds (which I've written about before) a swembad (swimming pool) for the kinderen, wide fields, wide paths...etc. But recently I've discovered a great new pocket of interest in the area just behind westerpark...We found a very old and amazing graveyard, rediscovered the Petting Zoo, discovered a quiet nature patch with tall mazes of grassland and the best thing is the amazing Volks Tuin (public garden) behind Wester Park

We might have mentioned it in passing before, but Volks Tuin plots are a common social lifestyle for the Dutch.

With a very low percentage of houses to yards the Dutch 'make up for it' with Volks Tuin plots which are like tiny vacation cottages in small garden paradises back to back row to row for acres.

It seems like the remnants of a feudal oasis...if you can think of such a thing.

Anyway, pictures can share more.

Malia is organizing several events for September - October.

Malia has been working on an art opening at the area mainstay gallery, 'Wolf -N- Pack' for October.

Malia is also charging forth with her online boutique Penelope Craft. I finally 'finished' my first Barnboy record 'Two Minuts is Now 3 Minutes. I'm happy with it...it's weird. You can buy it or download it from Amazon.

The beach was awesome earlier this month. We went to Bakkum outside of Castricum. Addison Loves the Beach. We played on the beach hardcore for 3 days straight and had the sunburns to prove it.

There is also the amazing Dunes that lead up to the beach...Addison and I had some good long walks in the woods and dunes.

We were lucky to stay in our friend's Caravan (which is another popular Dutch 'get away').