25 October 2009

Conference Bike

This afternoon, we were invited to go on the Conference Bike to a birthday party for a bicycle shop called Work Cycles.

The Conference Bike was invented by Eric Staller, and, as you can see, is just plain cool. Here are a few snaps of people riding along.

Addison's legs were just the tiniest bit too small for the bike pedals, but he rode anyway, and still had a nice time.

Hyland drove on the way there.

These lovely ladies are Amy Joy, Billie and Sietske.

Party shots:

While we were at the party, Hyland took a little stroll through the Jordaan, and spotted these Faile stencils. Never misses a trick, that one.

It was really fun riding the bike, running into people we know at the shop, and then riding the bike back again. Go check out the site for Conference Bike. It's really cool. If you live in Amsterdam, you can even rent it.

16 October 2009

Awesome Autumn for our Family of Artists

I have plenty I should be doing, so I guess I'll blog instead....very common condition in this day and age, yes. Ok, so we have had a lot of really good things go down lately. To summarize, we have a new studio here in Amsterdam, and both Malia and I have exhibits up at the moment. It has been a nice autumn.

Malia hosted and curated a show for the Ladies Fancywork Society at Wolf and Pack the area mainstay for up and coming hipster art types. Julian at Wolf and Pack was a great host and an overall bad ass transplant from the New York City. The show was a crocheted triumph and we were very lucky and happy to host a few of the Ladies from the group at our flat.

I also have a show up right now at StreetLab which is an awesome awesome space down the street from our new studio. It is a 'string fort' like the installation I made at the 400 a few years ago. Addison helped me with the 'other blocks' component. I could not be much happier with how it turned out and StreetLAB was very happy too. I am curating a show with other artists there next month. Should be great.

More work on display at StreetLab

Ok, now about our new Atelier (studio) is located on the Kinkerstraat and it is in a building with a number of other studios, very much like any of the Andenken locations...so we are very used to the format, only this time we are a sharecropper and not the lords of the building.

I cannot tell you how nice that is for the time being. Somebody else is saddled with the responsibility for keeping everything rolling and we just get to do our thing. It was pretty nasty when we moved in but we've cleaned and painted and put in a second level and new floors etc. We are just about ready to have an opening thing in a month or so.

Lastly, Malia has been learning a little guitar and we are playing a bunch of old Cowboy songs together, so far she has 'Back In The Saddle' , 'Hey Good Lookin', 'My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean' and the Dean Martin title 'Five Foot Two'. Look out for more from the Mather Family Band.

Here is an awesome song by Coconut Records, featuring the sk8boarding of The Gonz.

Anyway, that is the update from here in Amsterdam.