25 October 2009

Conference Bike

This afternoon, we were invited to go on the Conference Bike to a birthday party for a bicycle shop called Work Cycles.

The Conference Bike was invented by Eric Staller, and, as you can see, is just plain cool. Here are a few snaps of people riding along.

Addison's legs were just the tiniest bit too small for the bike pedals, but he rode anyway, and still had a nice time.

Hyland drove on the way there.

These lovely ladies are Amy Joy, Billie and Sietske.

Party shots:

While we were at the party, Hyland took a little stroll through the Jordaan, and spotted these Faile stencils. Never misses a trick, that one.

It was really fun riding the bike, running into people we know at the shop, and then riding the bike back again. Go check out the site for Conference Bike. It's really cool. If you live in Amsterdam, you can even rent it.


john said...

Hey Guys!!! I love the blog...you are the winners in life. We should get in touch, it has been far to long!!! Talk with ya'll later. Love from St. Louis...Knittel

Rockolita said...

I saw a bike similar to this in Fort Collins. It looks like a lot of fun!