29 December 2009

Our Holidays so far

Ok, to recap, we had two Thanksgivings, an art show, a rock show, a Sinterklaas, an amazing christmas eve dinner, a white Christmas filled with friends and merry making, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Here are some photos to prove it:

The Art show was entitled Mish Mash Kabash, and was held at StreetLab. It was such a nice show. Here we are:

The Rock Show was a really special occasion. Our friends John and Chad of Drag The River played at the Winston and Hyland's act, Barnboy, opened for the show. Drag the River was touring with a band called Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves who were a really tight act of super cute young men. One of them is named Addison. It was a fun night.

Christmas was very gezellig. The Jordans came over as they did last year. It was just like a typical family Christmas, except no one got in a fight about something inconsequential. We even finished a puzzle together.

Here are Addi and Ferris foolin' around.

Hyland was like a kid on Christmas :)

Addi got tons of presents.

Happy Holidays!
xoxo Malia

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Gayle Grace said...

Well, it's about time we heard from you - Happy Birthday to Hyland and happy holidays to you all!