29 April 2008

A New Place to Live for the Mather Family

Well....Today we signed the lease on our new place. It is an amazing space in a beautiful building in a great neighborhood. It has a park across the street and an Albert Heijn grocery store on the next block. It is also right along a wide canal / small boat port ...just perfect. I'll post a few pictures too. It certainly is an awesome relief. Now the next things health insurance...residence permit etc.

Tot Zints

27 April 2008

Well Malia and Addison made it safe and sound. Yesterday we got a bike 'feits' for Malia and a seat for Addison to go on my bike.

We had a meeting with a potential design client, nice, cross your fingers it would be great to be working already.

Today we went to the beach outside of Den Haag. It was awesome, Addison collected like 2 million sea shells.

Tuesday is a huge day for us. Say a little prayer for us for that day. It is a secret for now, but I'll tell you later if it all works out.


24 April 2008

Well I have been in Holland a little more than one week. I can't wait for Addison and Malia to arrive. Hopefully we'll have a place starting in May. I have been pounding the pavement everyday looking. Cross your fingers everyone.

I have done quite a bit of painting since arriving. You can see em at www.andenken.com/netherlands_little_guys/ and www.andenken.com/netherlands_little_guys/cowboys.

There is a wonderful site a woman turned me onto here called Laura Speaks Dutch. It has podcasts for learning dutch. I put them on the ipod and just comb the canals riding my bike and learning. www.lauraspeaksdutch.info

I have been all over the city on my bike. I love traveling this way, but my ass is surely sore.

I have been staying with these crazy Italians, Jaro and Alisio, last night Jaro and another friend Chris and I went to an exhibit at a media center it was pretty nice sound installation. I can't remember the name, oh yes, Melkweg www.melkweg.nl/

Talk soon,

01 April 2008

It's Official!

We got our tickets. No turning back now. Hyland leaves on the 14th and Addison and I leave on the 24th.

Last week we moved into our friend's vacant, recently Ikea-ed-out apartment for our last three weeks in Colorado. We are ever-thinning our belongings and are now down to what we can fit in two pieces of luggage each. This whole excercise has made me realize that we don't need so many "things". It has made me love my boys even more than before, and I thought I had already topped out the love scale on these guys!

It has also brought up memories of growing up an army brat, moving every few years. Funny how I don't remember being upset about it at all. I remember feeling excited about meeting new friends, having a new school, and reinventing myself. That's how I feel now.

Peace and Love,