24 April 2008

Well I have been in Holland a little more than one week. I can't wait for Addison and Malia to arrive. Hopefully we'll have a place starting in May. I have been pounding the pavement everyday looking. Cross your fingers everyone.

I have done quite a bit of painting since arriving. You can see em at www.andenken.com/netherlands_little_guys/ and www.andenken.com/netherlands_little_guys/cowboys.

There is a wonderful site a woman turned me onto here called Laura Speaks Dutch. It has podcasts for learning dutch. I put them on the ipod and just comb the canals riding my bike and learning. www.lauraspeaksdutch.info

I have been all over the city on my bike. I love traveling this way, but my ass is surely sore.

I have been staying with these crazy Italians, Jaro and Alisio, last night Jaro and another friend Chris and I went to an exhibit at a media center it was pretty nice sound installation. I can't remember the name, oh yes, Melkweg www.melkweg.nl/

Talk soon,

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Gayle Grace said...

keep painting and pedaling...