17 March 2008

Now you know.

The entire motivation to start this blog is so that we can keep our friends and family up to date on our lives. So, here's the dish.

On the grand checklist that is our life leading up to moving, we have checked off a lot of the boxes. Some of those boxes include: selling our rental and our house, making some preliminary preparations in the Netherlands, getting the Rossetta Stone for learning Dutch, alerting my work that we are moving, getting rid of about 90% of our belongings, and renting out almost all of our studios at the Block Building.

Hyland leaves for Amsterdam the first week in April. Young Mather and I are scheduled for departure during the third week. We've been desperately trying to get in some quality time with our friends before we leave, but we are really hoping that the April art opening at Andenken will bring everyone out of the woodwork.

There's not much more to say for now. Once we're across the pond, I'll probably have a lot more exciting things to share.

Eternally yours,