05 June 2010

Sweet Summer in Amsterdam

Ok, so it is really really nice in Amsterdam right now. Yesterday, I went on a long bike ride to meet an art collector buddy at his flat and rode through both Wondel Park and Rembrandt Park...total frisbee season.

The weather in this part of the world is by no means 'excellent' so when the sun is shining everyone is outside (even more than usual).

We've been busy doing what we love.

The new Andenken space is open now and we have the stellar Morcky exhibition up right now.

At the opening the Blus Bus was in effect, run by our very friendly studio mate Dick.

We are so lucky to have our studios here. Malia's studio is looking amazing.

Serving up the cupcakes

Before the Morcky show we did a successful install of the 'Where On Earth Have You Been?' exhibition at Streetlab.

This was our third show with Streetlab and they have really been a great partner for Mather:Kunst and Andenken.

We sold our Block Building in Denver in April and I've got 'happy - sad' going on about it.

The building was so beautiful, but we just don't live there anymore and .... now we want to do something bigger here. So, yeah, after more than a decade of solid art activity in Denver, we quietly disappeared from that landscape.

Took an artist friend, Joe Holbrook out on the boat last night. He was a real good sport, we broke a pin and ran out of gas...both things that can turn a mission sour in the wrong hands, but he handled it with poise and after we McGiver'd the pin we celebrated with about 20 beers.
Here is a mural Joe painted with another artist friend, Lil'Shy

Addison, had a spreekbeurt at his school, which means that he had a 'speaking turn' , so this was his first report in front of the class. He did his report on the basic movements of the chess (schaken) pieces, the Rook (toren), Bishops (lopers) King (koning) Queen (dame), Knights (paarden), and the Pawns (pionnen).

I was / am very proud of him. It is very difficult to explain the movements of chess pieces concisely to other 8 year olds, and he was able to do it effectively in Dutch. I'm also amazed at how well he is playing the game itself, he is a good strategist.

On Monday, I'm off to Denver to gear up for the Summer Art Market.