08 May 2008

Images from Amsterdam

It is difficult to explain what it is like here in Amsterdam without posting photos. So, today I have a bunch of various photos from the seat of a bicycle and from the window of our flat.

It is such a beautiful place, and the living is good. We have eaten nothing but fresh food since we have been here, and we are cycling everywhere every day.

There is a park out in front of the flat where Addison can play. There is a great photo here of him jumping off the apparatus in the playground.

There are great sights and smells all over the city, and it is a never-ending discovery for me.

The day we signed our contract for our flat was Konningendag - seemingly the biggest holiday for the Dutch. It was so busy in the City, people everywhere dressed head to toe in Orange - the color of the ruling house. Above is a photo of the carnival in Dam Square during Konningendag.

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Gayle Grace said...

Love the photos. So much fun to be with you there! I am happy, happy, happy for you all!!