27 May 2008

Kids are cool.

Addison started school today at the local openbare basisschool. That's the public elementary school a few blocks from our house. So, the vacation is officially over for Addi. But, in five weeks, we'll be on vacation all over again.

Lately Addison has been taking these great close-up photos of his own sculptures. It's really cool to see the perspective that he has for his own work. This particular sculpture was made on a trip we took with Pete and Ferris to a pirate show.

Hyland took these of Addi when we were out on a walk discovering the neighborhood.


Gayle Grace said...

Malia, Hyland and Addi, it's so great to be able to keep up with you on your journey. Love the photos and stories of the adventure. How's the food?

Malia said...

The food is fresh, clean, and home-cooked! We haven't really eaten out much at all, and I have the time to cook now.


Pamela said...

I love getting to hear/see what you guys are up to! I passed the link to your blog onto Cho and a couple of others that had been asking about you.
Lots of love,