29 May 2008

Boot Party

Last weekend I was invited to a verjaardag boot party! This is when you have a boat (boot), some people (one of whom has a birthday - verjaardag), some wine and other party favors, and take it all out on the canals around the city, drinking and reveling.

It is a really amazing sight, the water, the houseboats, and the lights. It is also a very different way to see the city. Most of the time, you bike around the water, basically getting around the city by going over and around the canals to reach your destination. On the canals, it really feels like you are going the quickest route. We floated up the Prinsengracht, around Prinzeneiland, around Central Station, down through the Red Light district, through the old center, and back to park the boot at the Prinzengracht.

I have been super excited about learning Dutch, so it was really fun to learn the birthday song - Lang zal ze leven. It goes:

Lang sal ze leven, Lang zal ze leven, Lang zal ze leven (Long shall she live)
In de gloria, In de gloria, In de gloria. (In glory)
Hippity hip - hurrah
Hippity hip - hurrah

Too bad I can't actually sing it to you because the tune is really cute and catchy. (or, lucky for you , however you want to look at it!) I like how it's all about living long and having a glorious rest of your life. I can't wait until they sing it to me!

Friends Forever,


Anonymous said...

wow, this all looks super amazing. i'm so jealous, and excited for you guys. miss you all!

Gayle Grace said...

very nice to be able and go out at night with no worries... so where is Hyland? Have you furniture for your new apartment yet?

Malia said...

Oh, it is amazing alright! Jon, you really should visit us. (Gayle, you are most welcome too, but you will have a hard time finding a train that will bring you here!)

I should mention too that we met up at 9pm and had a drink at the bar before going to the boot. So, that first photo with light still in the sky was probably close to 22:30.

Hyland has a few friends here that he already knew and goes out with, so this was my chance to have a night out. This particular friend is a new friend that we just met through our dear friends Jamin and Ryan from Portland.

The flat is still fairly "minimal". We're trying not to go overboard with buying large items since we still have to meet with the IND.

Shanon said...

Malia, I really think that you guys made a great decision moving. Yet another goal accomplished, I'm proud! Can't wait till we can come and visit.