08 June 2009

Canal Crawling

Some of you might have noticed that we haven't really been blogging all that much lately. Here's why.

You see, we got a little grachten crawler, a little boat with an outboard motor that we jump in and go cruising around the canals and waterways of the city. It's quite addicting, and we have been known to while away the hours on a Saturday just cruising.

If you live in Amsterdam and love cruising, ring us up. Chances are we'll take you out for a ride in the boat.


Gayle Grace said...

About time you got back! Sounds great, but do you serve cocktails on this cruise?

Mather Family said...

Well, that windmill you see there is actually a brewery, and they have a little boat dock right beside them. And, they have take-away beers. Just sayin'.

But yes, we do serve cocktails too!