01 May 2009

Koninginnedag 2009

Well folks, we made it to see another Queensday! This year we celebrated properly with festivities, flea market shopping, and (for the sake of alliteration) fun.

Koninginnenacht is when the parties get going. Street parties abound with stages set up in virtually every square in the City Center, and house/flat parties are everywhere. We got going too with fun at our friend, Shawn's houseboat on the Prinsengracht. The night was punctuated with some music by Amy Joy and Jackamo (who later got almost, but not totally, naked), delicious Sangria, and the company of many cool friends.

The city, at this point, was packed with party-goers. Our particular location left us in the middle of all this, so for most of the night it was really impossible to leave the party without entering a crowded corner. I finally got home around 3am. Whew!

The following morning is when the thrift paradise begins. I got up early to meet Pete and Ferris at the Pont at 8am so we could get a proper jump on the deals. And boy did we get some good deals. Both Addi and Ferris scored cool pirate swords.

Here's Ferris. At one with his pirateness.

And Addi. His sword is more like a samurai sword, truth be told.

I also got some cute skirts and shirts, Addi got some corduroys, pirate jewels (costume jewelry), a whole bag of smurfs, and two plastic robots.

But for me, this was my biggest score. I found 5 skeins of angora wool blend yarn and two cones of merino/nylon blend. Go on over to my Diary of a Craft Fiend blog if you are a fiber nerd and just have to know more about these..

So, after some treasure hunting, Addi and I packed it in. The other boys headed off in search of more wooden train tracks at superb discounts but we just wanted to people-watch and use a proper bathroom :)

Here are some shots from the top of the houseboat on Koninginnedag. It's shoulder to shoulder people and boats all day long.

Addison had a great time playing with his newfound treasures and watching the people float by on boats.

Then we went home and had a nap!

With Love,

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Gayle Grace said...

Thanks for posting, I got a bit nervous with the goings on over there on Queen's Day. Now I know how my relatives feel when there's an earthquake anywhere in California and they call and want to know if I am okay...

congrats on the yarn!