07 April 2009

Ultradelarue, Parents Arrive and The Keukenhof in Spring Time

Well, my folks arrived on Saturday morning. Saturday night we had the opening for Ultradelarue which was awesome, awesome, awesome. Great work by all the artists. I really liked Wayne Horse large yellow Rooster Painting, Rich Jacobs mural wall, and Lil'Shy's pieces on felt, and Michael Perry's wall of drawings. Every artist had good work. Here are a few pieces from the show.

Wayne Horse's piece, 'I remain a Proud Cock'

Michael Perry's 'Pie Anyone', my mom's favorite piece from the show.

A very large 2 meter x 3 meter piece made by Chris Stain. Here it is during the install week.

Rich Jacob's 'Go To Bed Early With Yur Head'

Lil' Shy and Ellis Gallagher, 'I Swear To Fucking God' (I always feel weird just writing that down)

Michael Perry portrait 'action series'

My wall of 'found objects' that I made for the show, piece is called, 'Other Wall'

Rich Jacobs Portrait, from the 'cold chillin' series. It was such a great priveledge to work with Rich and get to know him better. I've known his brother Steve for about a million years and I really enjoyed kicken it with Rich who is a legend in our art scene.

Sunday morning the whole family went to the amazing Dutch gardens at Keukenhof, the literal translation is Kitchen Garden, but it is also known as the Garden of Europe and it is just outside of the small town of Lisse.

Addi having a walk around in some uncomfortable wooden shoes, 'klompen'

Installation after my own heart in the green house.

Windmill at Keukenhof.

Amazing floating triangle boat thingys. Reminded me of an artist we have shown a lot, Bonnie Ferrell Roman.

Keukenhof is the world's largest flower garden.

They have something like 7 million bulbs planted every year. Growers from all over Europe show off their hybrids here. The Dutch are the largest exporters of flowers in the world. Not bad for such a small country.

The garden is only open to the public for a few months from End of March to Mid May. The garden is of course massive, and there are great winding paths all through it. Very wonderful.


Anyway, that's all for now, maybe a Jefferson Airplane song, since all the flowers gave me the ol' 'Summer Of Love' feeling

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I am with your mom - more pie, please!