24 March 2009

New York / Amsterdam Exhibit - ULTRADELARUE

Well, we've been so lucky and really blessed to work with some awesome people since moving to Holland. We're getting another great opportunity working on this exhibit with AFARAI.

Ultra de la Rue: Contemporary Urban Graphics

This exhibit is opening April 4th, right across the street from Beautiful Amsterdam Central.

The exhibit focuses on contemporary styles in art as represented by artists from the sister cities of New York and Amsterdam. These are two cities that share a long history (long for America anyway). The roster for the show is pretty 'hard hitting' :

NYC artists

Ellis Gallagher, www.ellisgallagher.com

Mike Perry, www.mikeperrystudio.com

Rich Jacobs

Chris Stain

Taylor Mckimens, www.taylormckimens.com,

Amsterdam Artists:

Lok Jansen, www.lokjansen.com,

Jeroen Koolhaas , www.favelapainting.com

Wayne Horse, www.waynehorse.com

Twothings, www.twothings.net

Lilshy, www.lilshy.net

Raymond Lemstra

The exhibit space is at Prins Hendrikkade 33.

This former public building is currently in use for exhibitions but is slated to be developed into the first art’otel in Amsterdam. Another example of how the Dutch finding exciting and excellent temporary uses for buildings slated for other develpements.

Let's see, what else. Grandma and Grandpa Mather arrive the same day of the exhibition opening. A nice timing. Addison has a birthday coming up in April, I'll write more over that later.

Spring is in the air, leaves are starting to sprout, city and people are coming out of their caves for the first time in months. Time to bike off all the winter cookies. I love the way Dutch people say, Cookies.

Still trolling for a boat, not literally, but Manos and I are in the market.
Oh well, that's it for now, just really wanted to plug the show!


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Brian Brian said...

Brian Summers here. Awsome that you are doing great in Holland. I have been keeping up with your blog and it is great to know what you are up to. I am in Austin, Texas and working at the Texas Legislature and I live with my girlfriend here. I see bands a lot and I am slated to see the Brian Jonestown Massacre in April. Ok bye for now. If I ever get big bucks I will come and visit.