14 June 2009

Motherhood in Amsterdam

I felt like a perfect tourist hanging my camera out of my friend's car window to snap this photo, but this is an excellent example of how moms (and dads) get their little snowflakes from point A to point B.

It's no wonder people here are generally so fit and healthy.

Can you imagine taking johnny to karate, and then having to take sally to ballet on the other side of the City, only to have to bike right on back to the dojo because johnny needs his yellow belt that was left in the bakfiets, then just a moment to rest before picking everyone up again and riding home just in time to make a fresh dinner?

Life is good.


Gayle Grace said...

which explains why keeping "stuff" to a minimum and being ORGANIZED is key to a lifestyle of bike pedaling...

Mather Family said...

Oh yes, organization and preparedness is key. And being flexible!