11 September 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

Ok, so Addison was on a field trip the other day with his class, and they went to the Petting Zoo, they call is a Kid Farm here, 'Kinderboerderij', very cool. I've mentioned it before, they are all around the city. I've probably been to 10 of them with Addison. I had though, before last Wednesday, never been to the one that is located outside the Flevopark in Jeugdland oost. They had everything they normally do, chickens, goats, pigs etc, but they also had spotted Deer (which you never see in the 'wild' here)...but the really amazing thing that they had was not the farm, but this unreal 'shanty town' of forts made by children. It was so incredible and dangerous looking the parent in me was astonished, but the kid in me was in heaven. They had a zip line over a small canal too, which Addi heroically challenged several dozen times.

Anyway, I was so intrigued and I went home to see what I can find. Amazingly I think this shanty of construction by children has been organically evolving for a very long time...like more than 60 years as near as I can tell. Check out some of these photos I found.

Allright, so that is one amazing thing lately, and the other is that we went finally on a huge houseboat barge onto the Ijsselmeer for, get this...a sailing race of turn of the century barge converted house boats. It was amazing of course. Here are some pictures from that too.

Many of the brown sails are made of hemp (I believe sailing is how the Dutch got into the Marijuana business in the first place), but anyway, show me a canvas sail that is a hundred years old and I'll show you my copy of a Gutenberg Bible. Here is my daily dose of politicin...'Hemp....it's not just for smoking anymore.'

So yeah, it has been good around here lately.

Malia is working for a company called Airworks and they make giant inflatable things for concerts, and festivals etc. Here is a giant blue horse they made.

My sister Katie was here on another visit and my friends Jasper and Rena were also here at the same time. We goofed around, but nothing too too crazy.

Well, that's it for now I think. We have a new studio...but that is another post. Hockey season just started and I couldn't be happier about that....Blah Blah Blah.

It is starting to get colder etc.


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Gayle Grace said...

yes, we're here and following your adventures and loving them!