07 August 2009

Camping Dutch Style

We just returned from a relaxing, if not exhausting camping trip to Bakkum. I say exhausting only because we rode our bikes there and back with all our gear and child in tow. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the bike riding, but it was a bit of a stretch for my current level of daily exercise and the last hour of each leg was tough.

I am such a baby. It was only 45 kilometers each way.

Here is my photo essay:

Part One: The Journey

Part Two: The Destination

There is no real wilderness in Holland, I'm told. So camping is always in organized grounds or on a farmer's or otherwise owned land. Lots of times these camp grounds include caravans. This one is almost all caravans with the exception of some yurts and other temporary buildings.

A cute little Ampitheatre at the grounds. Kids do little plays and stuff here. Addison got pretty good at throwing pine cones on the roof.

There is a nature preserve called the Noord-Hollandse Duinreservaat that flanks the campsite. It is really pretty, so I went for a nature hike one morning.

I found these longhorn cow creatures in the woods eating the shrubbery and looking very docile and mellow. Cute, eh?

There are tents, but they are always accompanying a caravan. A guest room, if you will.

Part Three: The Return Journey

Did I mention it was one of the hottest days of the summer so far? It was.


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Pamela said...

I had a dream last night that I was reading your blog and you guys wrote about how Addison just turned 16 years old! I couldn't believe how quickly the time had gone. Glad it was just a dream! Shweeeeh.