29 September 2008

Evan Hecox Show , Painting, Judo, and Booten

Many things are happening quickly for us right now here in Holland. First, and very important for our new business, the Evan Hecox show -Urban Abstract in Amsterdam- is opening at the Chiellerie on October 24th.

Evan is a designer that has worked with Volkswagon and Sony and Dwell Magazine to name a few, but is most widely known for his 1000's of skateboard designs over the last 10 years for Chocolate Skateboards.

This is our first show here and it is critical that it is received well. It is also a rare opportunity for us to be able to sell original Hecox paintings which are difficult to come by and don't last very long whenever we have them.

The show is getting good coverage so far. The local hipster zine here RELOAD put a 2 page full color story about the show in their latest issue and we've been frequenting the board sport and record shops with our fliers etc. There should also be a print released for this show, so be on the lookout. Press release is available here.

Recently, Addison and I painted his room. It came out awesome.

I really like creating with Addison, he has great ideas and he is helpful and patient for a 6 year old.

He and I are planning on having our own exhibit in April of 09, the room is a good primer for it.

We have also been making some other paintings together, which you can look at here: addi and daddy paintings .

They are each available for purchase, nicely framed in Birch, shipped complete to your address, for $250 or a set of 3 for $600. I've also been making a lot of my little guys paintings. You can see all of those here. All of this work should be available in our online shop soon. mathershop.com

Addison is also well into his Judo classes now.

He really really likes it. He also has a friend in his Judo class who is his same age and lives in our building. Hopefully they'll become best buds.

We took Addison on his first boat ride the other day. We needed to find a zwemvest before he could go out, and they are surprisingly expensive for a country covered in water.

Enjoy, and here is a great old Paul McCartney song.


Look at Addi driving the boat.

This smiley dude is our friend Manos.



Molly said...

Sounds like you guys are well on your way! I love all the photos and the collaborations with Addison are super fab. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date!

I know a certain someone who has been hard at work in the studio lately. Wish you could be here to see.

Love you guys,

Jenna said...

I miss you guys. :( LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU.... I LOVE THE WORK WITH ADDY!!!!