13 September 2008

Sweet Things

When Hyland and I came to Amsterdam on a visit several years ago, we found this heavenly chocolate shop that had the most delectable chocolate bonbons. I bought some chocolates there for Addison that we brought back to Denver with us.

So, this week, when I crocheted these Amigurumi Chocolates for a friend's birthday, and needed a box from a proper chocolate shop to showcase them, I of course thought of the shop that I had visited years ago and set out with Addison to find it. Being just a stone's throw from the hotel where we had stayed, it didn't take long to find and soon Addison and I were eating delicious chocolate goodness outside of the shop, and I had the box in hand.

It was this wonderful moment for me because I had thought of Addison when I first discovered the Chocolaterie, and now here we were staring together at rows of chocolate bonbons.

Things remind me of circles a lot lately.



Gayle Grace said...

Very Sweet!

Aspen said...

Sweet knitted bonbon's. I love them. Glad to see that you are still making art.

Therese Wenham said...

Malia you continue to amaze and inspire. Missing you here in Denver!

Missing all of you.


Phil said...

this has given me strength in the last minutes of a week that has been trying to take it from me.
thank you:)

Uncle Jim and Aunt LInda said...

Hi.just trying to get started....Jim and Linda

Pamela said...

Love it! I recently caught Racine feeding a certain hand crafted, purple-fuzzy cupcake to her 'animals'.