10 June 2011

On a roll, kicken it at the beach

So...now I'm on a matherlife blog roll. Addison and I had a glorious day on the beach and in the woods yesterday, and I wanted to post this before the memories drifted under the ocean of photos that just pile up in digital fathoms on the hard disk.

So Addison and I made a cool fort out of sticks we found in the woods and then had a nice picnic in the fort. Then we went for a stroll along the coast to close out the night...pretty cool. He is also killing me at an ongoing gin rummy game...as I write this he is up 165. Beach is awesome.

Looking out from the shore, you can see dozens of Windmills spinning in the sea. Looks cool. Some Dutch don't like them, claiming that they spoil the visual landscape...ok...sure.

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