28 May 2010

Andenken in Amsterdam

Damn have we been busy. And neglectful of our blog. Sorry folks. And here I am with just a short little note about our newest exploit.

Tomorrow night, Andenken gallery opens its doors for the first time in Amsterdam. Yes, we've been putting on art shows over the two years we have lived here, but under the name Mather:Kunst. When the Andenken location in Denver closed up we decided that Andenken would live on with us here in the original sin city.

So, if you're in the fair and slightly chilly City of Amsterdam tomorrow night, please drop by. If not, be sure to at least check out MORCKY and find out what you have been mising.



owl and peacock : melina said...

Good luck, Hyland and Malia and Addy! I so wish I could be there! Cyber kisses!
Love, Melina

Gayle Grace, Professional Organizer said...

Well, the only thing certain is change... Sad to see you cut the ties, but happy for you at the same time. But don't leave US without news for so long!