26 February 2009

Tourists in our own Town

A couple of months back we bought Museum Jaarkaarten. The passes enable you to visit a whole slew of museums throughout the Netherlands for one low fee (35 euro). You also get to bypass the line, and get discounts in the gift shop. In short, they rock.

Last weekend we went to the Rijksmuseum for an hour or so. Earlier this week, Hyland and Addi went to the Amsterdamse Historisch Museum. Addison prefers artifacts to paintings, so this was a fun visit for him. Earlier this month, we stopped by the Verzetsmuseum, a museum dedicated to Dutch Resistance. Addi and I did the children's guided tour all in Dutch. Very interesting, and educational. They focused mostly on the Resistence during the Second World War, but also had an exhibit featuring posters, videos and fashion relating to other eras of social uprising.

When we first moved here, we weren't very interested in all the tourist stuff, and just focused on trying to be locals. Now that we are in a comfort zone with our surroundings, regular museum visits are really attractive.

And, now that it is warming up a tad, we have been exploring the parks again and Addi has been riding his bike like a natural.

Here's a cool swing in a playground we visited in Amsterdam Noord with our friends. The boys dug the panama canal.

Hugs and Kisses,


Therese Wenham said...

I remember going to the Rijksmuseum when I was in Amsterdam. I can't remember which great artist I was overwhelmed with, but I remember distinctly the sensation of being transported completely away from the room I was standing in. I want to say Rembrandt, but it could have been Van Gogh. Refresh my memory, if you can.

Mather Family said...

I can't say exactly. I always feel like I fall into Rembrandt's Portraits, like there is this beautiful, soft light at the end of a dark tunnel.

This last visit, Addison and I spent some time staring at Hondecoeter's hunting paintings featuring several dead birds. (they were painted for a hunting lodge) But, being a vegetarian, I'm sure that's not what transported you!

The best thing about these passes is that you can go in, stare at two paintings for a while, and leave without a pang of guilt over not exploring all day. You can simply come back later and look at something else for a while.