09 January 2009

Frozen Waterland and New Year Mayhem

Well, it is very very cold here right now and the beautiful canals are freezing, or frozen. The boats are frozen into the grachts and as I rode my bike North of Amsterdam and into the heart of the nearby Polder farm lands the water in the Markermeer looked like a true Arctic Sea.

The population is still out on their bikes, though not for entertainment.

I've started to dread long rides that I know I have to make at night...or really at all. Hopefully it warms up soon.

On the flip side, I have been able to do some nice outdoor pond hockey and also enjoy the really amazing outdoor rink that the city maintains which is beautifully located in the cross shadows of the Van Gogh and Rijks Museum on the Plein.

Things have finally settled back into normalcy after the holiday season. Addison is back in school. Andrea has returned home after a nice visit. It was so cold though that we weren't able to show Andrea everything we wanted. Note to visitors: Come when it's warmer, or bring your ice skates and a thermos or whiskey flask.

I've yet to stroll into the Red Light district in the winter to see if the working girls still have on their bikinis. :-)

Oh, and New Year's Eve was crazy here, there were so so so so many fireworks all over the place, and nobody seemed to be 'officiating' . Everyone, everywhere was lighting off fireworks, it was bordering on scary, but it was beautiful. At the party where I was, there were probably 40 different groups of people lighting off fireworks, not just little black cats either, full on shoot into the sky and explode into a giant color flower bombs! At one point I just had to laugh there were fireworks going on all around and people were dancing and kissing and the railroad tracks were on fire. It was mayhem.

Anyway, because I've been longing for some warmer and longer days, I made a little slideshow of pictures that I took in the summer / early fall. I have it over on the www.matherkunst.com

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Chad said...

Nice Jason, was there last year. family looks nice too. Chad.