15 August 2008

Residency Permits

I returned from a trip to London and Amsterdam in February of 2007 half depressed. I had just had an amazing time, but the realization that I wasn't living in Amsterdam had me pretty blue overall. I told my wife, - I want us to live in Amsterdam.

-Yes, someday that would be nice- she said, patting me on the arm as I whined like a baby.

-No, I'm serious, let's leave tomorrow- I said.

-I'll go- She said, and 18 months later, nearly to the day, we now have Dutch Residency Permits for the whole family.

I'm really so proud of my family. Malia and Addison have shown tremendous spine in making this life changing dream a reality.

The new arrival of our longer term Residency Permits will surely help our stride.

As if that news can be topped, I also have a hockey tryout coming in October with Thor.

Looks like I'll have to send for my gear. Warning to the animals in the cargo hold that day - Remember your respirators -

Addison is back at school, and the whole family is having trouble adjusting to the new 'bedtime' schedule.

Here is a Modern Lovers jewel

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Gayle Grace said...

Hyland, Malia & Addison, Congrats on your residency. I am glad you made your dream come true. Enjoy every minute.