23 July 2008

Making Things:

Those of you who know me well know I am consumed with making things. This post is about making things.

Making Patterns: This is my first crochet pattern, officially published and ready to purchase on Etsy. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5961649. I am really happy with it, for a first pattern. It is a crochet scooter modeled after a Vespa Primavera, early 70s. Miss my scooter.

Making Flyers: This shot is from our Gocco Session at the flat, making flyers for the upcoming Evan Hecox show we have planned for October 24th in Amsterdam. I love Print Gocco, and I will be very sad when they stop making it. I still stress pretty hard when I am working on a project. The perfectionist in me freaks when things aren't perfect.

Making Friends: I have discovered several very cool new friends who are also makers of things, and creative to the core. These photos are of crafty things that are cool to me.

A mitten Dagmar is making .

Crazy cool crocheted jasperschermers. This is Janine's wonderful creation.

The table at Wendel's house before the delicious barbeque. This was the Stitch and Bitch BBQ celebrating the beginning of summer.

This is a cupcake that Wendel made. Seriously friends, if you like this, go and check her flickr page with other amazing delights. Check out the bento boxes, they are fantastic. http://www.flickr.com/photos/lookatmyphotos/

I also have a great new friend, Kim who is giving me singing lessons in exchange for knitting pointers and possibly some graphic design. Photos and details another day...

Making Meals: These few photos are of the famous Albert Cuyp Markt in Amsterdam where I occasionally find myself shopping for ingredients. There is a closer market where I go more frequently, but this one seems to fall on my path from time to time. I love the man working the vegetable stand. So salt of the earth. Having really fresh ingredients is very nice, and the culture of shopping here is really geared towards getting the freshest ingredients as you need them, and not in a gigantic shopping trip to Super Target.

We have had several dinner parties at our house, continuing the tradition of the Mather family Denver dinner parties. Sadly, I don't have any photos of them yet, seems food, friends and wine detract from photo taking at these events!

Friends Forever,


Gayle Grace said...

Wow, you are all so talented. Your friend's food photos are amazing. I assume she sells those cakes. What's Gocco and why would they stop making it? Do I understand correctly that you are promoting art shows and creating the flyers? The scooter is really cute. I usually am not a craft fan - craft people are generally impossible to keep organized - too much ity bitty pieces of stuff.... I am a huge fan of Farmer's Markets - just about the only way I shop these days. They are making a huge comeback here in CA as we are getting the "shop locally" message during the gas price crunch.

Mather Family said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure Wendel does not sell the cakes she makes. She's just got a magic touch!

Gocco is "Print Gocco" by Riso. It is a compact Japanese screenprinting machine. The company decided to stop making it after its popularity waned in Japan. But just as it was waning in Japan, it was really picking up steam in America as a fine art tool. Check out www.savegocco.com for more info...

You are right about craft people typically being disorganized. But what fun finding just the right boxies and compartments to keep all that yarn, beads, buttons, googly eyes, etc organized!

You Californians have always been a bit "nutty crunchy". Glad to hear the markets are big again. Here, most of the markets are open every day except sunday. At least in the summer, anyway.


fancytiger said...

omigod. so glad i found your blog. Amsterdam looks amazing - i am so happy for you!

Molly said...

I have to admit, I am feeling a little bit jealous of your new friends.
But at the same time - so excited for all that you guys are doing. Love you lots!