15 June 2008

Father's Day in Holland

Well today was just a perfect day for me. French Toast, Home Fries, and Eggs for ontbijt.

We went to Rembrandt Park today, which is just south of the main parts of Amsterdam. It was very beautiful, natuurlijk. At the park there was a giant 'rope' jungle gym.

They have them in the States but this was a massive one. 12 Meters high, kids all over it. It looks like a spider web covered in kids. Addison climbed to the top. The very top. Only kid in the park to do it. He stood at the top, on the top rope 'the crows nest' and he held both hands over his head and yelled 'Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' at the top of his lungs.

I was so proud of him. It was a nice gift for Father's day. I also got 3 pairs of Argyle Socks bought at a Saturday Market . Malia is the Markt Koningin .

We also saw an amazing mural piece in another part of the park.

There was a zip line for kids. We got video. They seem to have zip lines and kinder borderij (kid farm...petting zoos), everywhere.

I've also posted a few shots of Westerpark. Addison and I went to a Tree House, Gnome Land, Pirate Ship type location in Westerpark on Saturday. Addison took most of the photos. He really works for his shots. I'll sign off with the images and a 'freak beat' 60's garage rock classic from the UK Renegades


Molly said...

Thanks for all the photos!
I looks like Adeline will have a blast doing "park tour" when we drag our butts over there.
Does Holland use the Euro?

Glenn said...

Nice blog Hyland! Great photos, too. Looks like the family unit is really settling in.


Mather Family said...

Yep, we are on the Euro. I have almost stopped translating every price I see into dollars. It's too shocking!

Gayle Grace said...

I am paying attention, I am just too busy working (yeah!) to comment...

The Kudrycki's said...

Looks like you guys are ajusting great. Thanks for the pictures and the blog. We miss you all!